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Poor Sleep Equals Weight Gain

Posted on Mon, May 14, 2012


According to new research, published in the 'Sleep' medical journal, has found people who sleep longer and/or better have a lower incidence of excess fat and high BMI. 

A surprising finding is that rhe study says those who get lots of sleep -- meaning around nine hours a night -- are less likely to put on weight, even if they have the genes that predispose them to weight gain.

Previous research has also shown that sleep deprivation can play havoc with our hunger hormones, decreasing the levels of those hormones that make us feel full.

While it's unlikely that we can sleep our way to weight loss, getting more sleep might allow us to control our eating and to do more exercise -- two things that we know do lead to a healthy weight.


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Snoring Partners Decide "Sleep Is The New Sex"

Posted on Fri, Dec 03, 2010

According to a recent report in the Miami Herald, co-habitating couples will in future be able to “…have their cake and a good night’s sleep too”, thanks to a new generation of master suites.Snoring is leading to a new style of bedroom to allow restful sleep for partners.

Instead of the traditional single room layout, future master bedrooms may be split into two sleeping rooms, so that partners can enjoy a full sex life but still get to sleep without being disturbed by their partner’s snoring.

Of course, a better and cheaper idea would be to get treatment for the sleep disordered breathing condition! 

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